The Hong Kong Institute of Civil and Building Information Management (“Institute” or “HKICBIM”) maintains this website for informational purposes only and mainly to provide information to its members and the public as well as to serve as a platform for HKICBIM members to share information or to express their views for the subject matter of the Institute only. Individual opinion does not in any way represent the Institute or any committee’s view.

The Institute does not warrant that any information, materials, journals or views or any part thereof provided or contained in this website is comprehensive or accurate in any aspects. Under no circumstances does any of the content of this website be construed as professional advice, products or service provision. The Institute is not responsible for any loss or damages suffered as a result of any use or reliance on any of the information or views provided or contained in the website in all aspects. Users are urged to seek independent professional advice.

Links to certain external websites may be included this website. Provision of such links does not in any circumstances imply that the Institute endorses the content of any such external sites, nor does the Institute have any responsibilities for that content of those external websites.

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About Us

Hong Kong Institute of Civil and Building Information Management (HKICBIM) is a newly formed institute which provides an informative platform for civil and building counterparts to network and exchange civil Building Information Modeling (BIM) knowledge. HKICBIM aims to foster technological innovation and accelerate the adoption of Civil and Building Information Modeling Management in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry.

The Articles and By-Laws set out the HKICBIM objectives of establishment, grades of membership, structure and management, professional conduct, and other rules relevant to conduct the affairs of HKICBIM. In addition, the By-Laws may be revised and supplemented periodically as and when necessary.

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